Somantic v0.0.2 Alpha Release

I am excited to announce that Somantic Alpha Release v0.0.2 is out. Please use the feedback tab to let me know your opinion or contact me by mail for more feature ideas. Stay tuned for more updates :)!

Changelog v0.0.2:
- Enable search by sha in map
- Fixed email sending
- Fixed price/rent map display
- Enable filtering for training
- Added more maps to analyze real estate
- Update zip code
- Calculate mean NA node
- Fix the age processing
- Display real estate only for flat till 100m²
- Added feedback tab

Changelog v0.0.1:
- Created landing page
- Implemented login system with password reset functionality
- Implemented immowelt parser
- Display DataTable
- Enable GraphQL API
- Enable filtering of the DataTable based on the SOM selection
- Display price and rent_price without inlcuding it into training


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