Somantic Production Release v1.0.0

The real estate market in Germany is growing and there is a lot of demand for affordable properties. Thus the goal of Somantic is to add transparency to the market and simplify decision making regarding buying and renting. Buyers, sellers, landlords and renters should be able to negotiate a fair market price based on data. For developers who want to use our data API please visit RapidAPI and use our GraphQL endpoint.

We are happy to announce that Kretronik GmbH is releasing officially Somantic v1.0.0 on 30th of June 2024. Below are the major changes summarized:

  • added market value and market rent model calculation through self-organizing maps (as of now the features which are being used for the model are latitude, longitude, square meters, room count and year of construction of properties)
  • added cashflow, return on investment, market value, market value % comparison to actual price and rent model columns
  • added detailed page view for properties with map visualization and display of similar properties with the best matching unit of the self organizing map for easier comparison
  • fixed bot registration spam with CAPTCHA
  • fixed mail verification process
  • fixed password reset via mail
  • enabled filtering for properties below market value
  • performance improvement for data querying and detail page view
  • added subscription to saved filters and receiving notification by mail and telegram for each user individually
  • exposed the GraphQL API on RapidAPI


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