Announcement: Somantic v0.1.0 relaunch!

We are relaunching Somantic version 0.1.0, scheduled to go live by the end of the year 2023! This release introduces improvements, optimizations, and an enhanced user experience.

Key Changes in Version 0.1.0: In this release, we have made adjustments to the functionality of Somantic to ensure the best data query performance. We will provide the user with an aggregated filterable table with latest real estate entries from in this version. In later versions we will followup with connecting more real estate APIs to Somantic in the following order:

  • ebay kleinanzeigen
  • ohne makler
  • wohnung jetzt
  • regionalimmobilien

Notably, version 0.1.0 will temporarily remove the self-organizing maps clustering visualization. This decision has been made to refine and rigorously test the visualization on larger datasets, guaranteeing a more robust and reliable tool for our users. Custom data clustering of similar real estate offers set with attributes by the user will be available from Somantic v1.0.0. A detailed road map will follow soon.

About Somantic: Somantic is a real estate analytics platform designed to support investors making decisions. By focusing on key financial indicators such as property yield, cash flow, and square meter prices, Somantic empowers investors to search for real estate offers with precision and professionalism and get notified if new deals appear.

Regards Kretronik GmbH Team


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